Wednesday, 27 June 2012

RRR Challenge

Locally we have a quilt exhibition with classes taking place this weekend and the challenge for the exhibition was 'Recycle, Revamp, Rework' ... very now. Below is my piece - an old duvet cover revamped and reworked into a wall hanging.  We were not to buy anything other than the essentials - in my case batting and some applique paper.

The duvet cover had a very simple leafy design on it (you can see some of it in next picture) . To this I added more 'growth', whirly flowers and some simple birds.  The path is tea bags that had to be painted lots and worked into as they were too yellow. Size : approx  120cm x 70cm.  A bit of fun that took longer than I would have liked.


  1. You never cease to amaze me. No wonder you are quiet - it's heads and down and full steam ahead with all these wonderful creations! It looks fabulous and I'm sure there are lots of little things hidden in there that mean you see something new every time you look at it. Great stuff.


  2. This is very amazing! so interesting how the original foliage works to give it depth.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I love it! The limited palette is really working for you, and the composition is very successful. You must be so pleased!

  4. The quilting is exquisite! I love all of the "over" additions you added to make this simple piece duvet cover into a piece of interest!