Thursday, 7 June 2012

Congratulations to all

I'm finally back from my (very) long weekend away for the Queen's Jubilee and at long last have the chance to see the results of our latest challenge on a reasonable sized screen (rather than my mobile phone).  What a great series of work; again they have all turned out very differently, and very true to the personality of the people who have produced them.  I tried commenting on them as they appeared, but then the difficulty of doing it via phone (enhanced by the seemingly vast difference in size between my finger tips and the letters I was trying to touch on the phone) defeated me.  So congratulations to all the makers, and on all the sales and inclusions in catalogues that has happened over the last few days.

I had a wonderful time away; enjoyed a village 'fashion' show, a lamb roast and dance and then participated in a 60 boat parade from Dartmouth to Dittisham along the River Dart on the Monday.  If only the weather had been slightly better!  I've never seen so many Union Jack flags and bunting, and people in red, white and blue before.  Hopefully I have lots of images I can use for our next challenge; in the meantime I have some long overdue work to do on a Shakespearean theme!

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