Friday, 1 June 2012

Dining in the Moonlight

Fine living for me, is about having a delicious meal either at a large holiday gathering or an intimate dinner with my husband. The word "silver" came to mind and I immediately thought of my mother's silverware. Her silverware is called "Coronation", a silverplate pattern, that was introduced by Community (now Oneida) in 1936 to commemorate the crowning of Edward VIII of England (which never took place). Coronation has been a highly successful pattern in the U.S.

I wanted to stay true to my commitment to use different techniques with each challenge. I experimented with foiling and metal pieces which did not give me the results I wanted. 

Then, I tried using a silver Shiva Oil Stick to make a rubbing of the knives. (This reminded me of the rubbings we made at Westminster Abbey when we visited London years ago.) 

The cabochon that represents the moon was made from modeling clay that was stamped, pearlized and then baked in the oven. In order to affix it to the quilt, I beaded it with a peyote stitch in the round. 

In order for the quilt to handle the weight of the beading and cab, I used black felt and a medium weight non-woven stabilizer. I used a metallic thread to match the blue beads.

The silverware rubbings were arranged as moonbeams ... hence the title of this piece, "Dining in the Moonlight".


  1. Well done on an other lot of techniques that have worked out beautifully. Another 'I had a dream'. (I have a very loving and caring husband but romance - no!)

  2. Silver service - definitely fine living. Dining by moonlight - very fine. I love the setting - the quilting makes it look as if you are looking down on that table on the patio. I would never have thought of rubbing the actual cutlery - brilliant! I love all the little details. Well done on keeping up the task of using different techniques each time.


    PS This would have been equally great for the next theme seeing as it is 'Coronation' cutlery...

    1. HA HA You're right! I thought the same!

  3. Goodness - lots of new, to me, techniques here. I like the fact that this piece has interest both from a distance and in close up. Now I must see if I can find that modelling clay ....

  4. The rubbing of silver on black is very effective. There is even a little romance in the central motif, of the moon and the sun flirting with each other. Charming!

  5. a great theme for fine living - and how wonderful that you have been able to 'experiment' with new techniques each time - 'fine living.'
    a lovely composition, your techniques work so well. i love the beading!

  6. Lovely interpretation of the theme - I like the idea of using the silver rubbings as well as the central motif - it brings to mind dreamy romance!

  7. Well done Venetta! Thanks for the detail shot and explanation of your methods. I love the look of the rubbing. What a great idea and successful outcome.

  8. Great techniques to know about.Your use of metallic stitching really lifts this off the page in very subtle ways. Congrats.

  9. This sounds exquisite. I wish to see it to appreciate the details. Silverware is a great representation of finery.