Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Time to Play!

Sometimes I think it just needs a brave step into the unknown (scary place) to experiment and try things out.  Well, now we all have plenty of time during lock-down so let's play! 
Please post any experiments, with good or bad results, here.

Today I will be space dyeing a background cloth which is for a school children's project I'm involved with.  They have drawn around their hands onto Bondaweb  - about 35 children between 5 and 8 - and I have transferred the shapes onto fabric which have each been fused to a felt backing, appliqued with a satin stitch edging and cut out.  Their school logo is a tree of leaves and the idea is to make a big wall-hanging substituting the leaves with their hands.  I raided my green stash and they were able to choose their own fabrics.

Each hand will eventually have the child's name embroidered on it but I need to have the background finished so the hands can be placed and the names angled to be able to be read easily.
School logo

Some of the hands

Rough layout

It was at this point I realised that the piece of fabric which Phil and I had dyed years ago, wasn't big enough.  Hence having to dye a bigger piece.   Wish me luck with the dyeing - I am NOT a dyer!



  1. Have fun. You did a pretty good job before.

  2. Looks like super fun Hilary and also a really wonderful idea to get the children involved and interested. As I said on Phil's comments I am going to start sketching on my Art Deco piece and intend to have some fun time deciding what path to take. Take care and enjoy.