Monday, 2 May 2016

Petit mais Grand

This spring, one of our local art groups asked other artists from the region to help them celebrate their 60th  anniversary, by participating in a small format exhibition which they called " Petit Mais Grand, Small But Bold." The works were all to be 6X6, mounted on canvas and were then secured to plexiglass and hung modular style in groups of four along the hallways of an old convent, now used as municipal offices. My submissions were from this selection. (top 3 and middle bottom)  It was fun to work in such a small format and to be in a show that was so well organized and full of colour. Some sculpture was also exhibited and there were some great 3 dimensional fibre pieces for the wall as well. I will try to get some photos from the show to send. 


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  1. Well done, Michelle. These little pieces look so good in a group. They make a real impact. Hilary