Thursday, 19 May 2016

On the Edge and other projects

I have been busy and seem to have been on a roll recently.  Our Contemporary Quilt challenge for 2016 was 'On the Edge'.  I had several ideas but managed two - neither selected for the touring collection.  Hey ho, that's the luck of the draw on the day.

Here are my two submissions.
The edge of the quilt is a piece of silky rattail cord with an embroidered scallop stitch holding it to the quilt.
8" square sample with edge detail
Hedgerows are on the edge of areas and spaces like fields and roads.  I have long admired the art of Angie Lewin so this was the perfect opportunity to pay homage to her.  The background is a lovely piece of recycled bed linen with a bit of paint.  The plants are fused with free machine detailing.

Dot, Dot, Dash, Dash
Selvages are the edges of fabric and over the years of working for Makower making their sample quilts I have collected a bag full of selvages from various projects. The background is a beautiful piece of hand dyed fabric by Heide Stoll-Weber. Some of those little circles of colour that they print along the selvages escaped and hence the title.

Both pieces are 1 metre x 60cm (39" x 23" approx).

On top of this I have submitted another piece to the Festival of Quilts and hope to hear whether it has been accepted at the end of this month.  It is a 'conceptual' piece called 'Cash Strapped - Tighten your Belt' and is a statement about the financial crash of 2008 and the consequences.  I'll share a photo later.

And as if this isn't enough:  I've finished my Klee piece!!!!!

So now I am working on an innovative piece which is based on a waterfall.  There isn't really enough to show you yet as there is a way to go.  Lots of decisions to make and ideas to try out but I am enjoying the process.



  1. Wonderful pieces, Hilary! Your Hedgerow piece has a real retro quality: sixties? I love the thoughtful way you have added stitching detail to the basic shapes of the flowers, in both. I found myself turning my laptop around to look at the third photo in different orientations, and I think it looks interesting no matter how it is presented. The use of the little circles helps to integrate the strips with the background. And now I can look forward to seeing your Paul Klee piece too. You have been busy, and productive!

  2. Love them Hilary!Both so different from one another and so creative. Looking forward to the Klee reveal! Mine is almost finished....

  3. I really like your quilting lines on the Hedgerow. Great use of the selvages and I love the hand dyed fabric, so rich.

  4. You have been busy! I like the Hedgerows quilt: it's light and fresh.I like the way you have used the selvedges, especially the escaped circles. My Klee quilt is started, but I've got a lot of work ahead of me and I can see myself working a 40 hour week!

  5. Love both of these - if these were rejected it'll be interesting to see which ones they choose. My Klee piece is sort of in my head, but no where near fabric yet. Time to get started!

  6. Glad to see these finished Hilary. I love the Hedgerow. the Selvedge piece too. Heidi's fabric is gorgeous.

    I thought I had my Klee piece nearly done, but am in the process of rethinking some of the elements.

  7. Really enjoying all your new work, Hilary. The grandkids are keeping us hopping!