Friday, 31 May 2013

Honourable Mention

What can I say, the nest is no longer empty so I am dedicating this one to myself, lol. Aubergine is a beautiful royal colour which immediately brought thoughts of velvet, jewels and a crown. The crown wasn't as successful as I had hoped so after rearranging my personal ribbon collection I was reminiscent of the beautiful ones that were created by our guild members. The velvet was a challenge to properly pleat so scrunching was the main technique of this project. The small scallops on 3 sides were done by machine and trimmed with my new amazing "Karen Kay Buckley" scissors.


  1. There should be a ribbon awarded to mothers whose adult children return to the nest, don't you think? Let's start a tradition! Your technical finesse is evident in this one, as always.

  2. My mum always said she let me out on a spiders web like 'string' which meant I was always welcome back home - I don't she meant it.

    Aubergine is perfectly suited to velvet. What a gloriously special ribbon - yes, for all mums whose children return to the nest.

    Having tried to cut around scallops myself long ago without the benefit of 'Karen Kay' scissors, I take my hat off to you.


  3. Beautiful velvet. What are you going to do with the rest of it? We should award ourselves more honorable mentions for what we do in life.

  4. I must add I am not so sure I am ready to have mine return yet on a permanent/ semi basis.... a visit is just great! The aubergine velvet speaks volumes and you were very brave with your scallops.

  5. I'll take my ribbon, for when the children bring their children to stay. Amazing fun - but the drain on your energy .....

    I'd never have thought of something like this, I love being part of this group!

    1. Yes I agree with that one, Linda!

  6. Sumptuous textures and lovely edges!

  7. I'd love to see this one in real life, your work always has hidden depths. Love the deepness of the purple colour in the velvet, a perfect 'aubergine'. We have one child about to return, but she'd going to be living next door. A perfect solution: I get to see her lots, but she's still independent - and she's just got a job offer for when her degree finishes, so the financial drain will be less too!

  8. This is a very interesting and different take on the challenge - well done on thinking outside the box - the contrast between the velvet ribbon and your background works really well.