Sunday, 5 May 2013

Aubergine preview

Naughty - but nice.  I can't believe I have finished two pieces and there are still weeks to go.  And to top it I have enjoyed making them.  The first was a bit of a cop-out so I challenged myself to 'try harder'.  Here's a tiny window on the two pieces.

I have finished my Straplines piece as well - and submitted it - so the die is cast.  It was very difficult to photograph.  I have found before that white is not an easy colour.  Frustrating when I know that the photograph is so important.  Time will tell - end of May is when they have said they will inform us.



  1. I sense a certain monumental quality in your Aubergine pieces, Hilary. Perhaps these too will find themselves expanded, like Straplines?

    Please share a photo of Straplines with us when you can. Sometimes special lighting is what's needed to get the definition of stitching on the white cloth to show well. Fingers crossed that it will be on display in Birmingham this August.

    1. Oh dear, don't build up your expectations too high! They are fun but not earth shattering.

      I have posted a photo of Straplines in my album on the Yahoo site. Meanwhile I am thinking through the practicalities of my next woven piece. There is an opportunity to show at an exhibition later this year on a theme: "Water, Water, Water". And still more ideas keep popping into my head - my muse is keeping me very busy.