Friday, 31 May 2013

Eggplant: View from the Academy

My response to the Eggplant challenge is based on a photo I took in New York last year. It's a view from a rear window of the National Academy Museum on 5th Avenue. I liked the grids of the windows and the strong diagonals.

Shown here are the photo and the line drawing derived from the photo. Making the line drawing is one of the things I like best about this technique.

This was not my first stab at the Eggplant Challenge. My starting point was to do a Boathouse composition, using brightly printed cottons, with polka dots, stripes and checks.


A second Boathouse interpretation in solid hand-dyes (purple, fuchsia and lime) didn't make the final cut either.

Finally settled on this composition, with hand dyes in violet and yellow, using tints and shades of each hue. Once again I gravitate to the complementaries.


  1. No wonder you liked the view - it's a fascinating composition with the vertical and diagonal lines. Thanks for showing the photo and line drawing. It looks easy but I know it isn't - there's a skill. You just pull it all together so well.

    I would be interested to see the rejects - especially the polka dot boathouse. What was it that didn't work - too busy with all the dots and stripes? Sounds interesting - like a challenge in itself: work with dots and stripes!


  2. Another lovely piece - Heather, you seem to have this technique cracked. And so interesting to see a building in these colours. Like Hilary I'm curious to see the rejected boathouse piece.

  3. Curiosity always gets the better of me so I also would like to see your first. Wow you really have perfected this technique.. but to use these colours is fantastic.

  4. Now that is lateral thinking - and I love it!

  5. your piece really sings - the choice of complements works well. Nice addition to your series.

  6. Nice interpretation of the photo into your own theme. This fits in to your current collection nicely!

  7. Your use of the colours in your piece works so well and you have certainly perfected your technique - a worthy addition to your series.

  8. Very interesting that so many members made more than one piece for this challenge. This one is stunning, Heather.