Friday, 31 May 2013

A New Direction

I struggled a bit with this challenge, despite it being one of my favourite colours.  The problem was other deadlines which were more urgent, and then the subsequent relaxation after those had been meet. I finally discovered myself driving down an english motorway, last Thursday, on the way to Belgium for a long weekend, with nothing done and no ideas.  Luckily inspiration suddenly struck as we were sitting in a traffic queue.  The overhead signs on the motorway were rounded rectangles, and when viewed from behind you can see the angular shapes of the metal beams.  I suddenly saw a set of shapes against an aubergine background.

During the making of the piece I discovered a few problems.  The original idea to reverse applique the 'background' using a freezer paper template failed completely due to the size of piece, and the extreme fraying of the silk I was trying to use.  Fusing them onto a cotton background worked, though the fusing was stuck more to the seam allowances then the top fabrics, meaning many edges were still loose.  They subsequently tried to fray as soon as a sewing machine needle came near them.  My orignal aubergine silk got used for the binding.

On the whole I'm pleased with this, and can see how it could be done on a larger scale.  Can't wait to see the next colour.


  1. Commenting on my own post? I just realised that I usually comment as Linda F, but forgot this time and posted as Linda. It's going to be up to you all to try and work out which comments are mine and which Linda Bilsborrow's.

  2. Love those flashes of lime green. They spark. Maybe your thoughts were elsewhere and not fretting about the piece and so you were able to 'see' things around you - and your muse followed you down the motorway. Hurray for travelling muses!

    One tip learnt the hard way - back your silk with the finest, thinnest iron-on Vilene then it won't fray. There used to one called 'Optima'.

    Those Dupion silks come in such wonderful shades and with their sheen they cry out to be used - but they are the devil to work with - and fade!!!

    Glad you persevered (another case of this admirable trait). It was worth it.


  3. Lovely rich little piece and the lime green just finishes it off. I am often of the opinion (well - I do!) that we think too deep and complicated sometimes. Often the simple shapes and lines around us are fantastic.

  4. it not often that a motorway trip is rewarding in it's own right but it seems to be true this time!
    This piece zings and I can well see how you could use it for something much larger!

    Linda B.

  5. Lots of energy in the smaller rectangles, and also in the "electric" pattern of stitching, ultimately contained within the larger grid. A metaphor for highway driving, no? Reminds me a little of multiple GPS screens!

  6. Delightful. Amazing where we can find our inspiration!

  7. I wonder if this is how a crow's eye sees (in multiple grids)while flying over the dark fields. If so, I want to be one. The green almost seems like flashes of gold in this palette.

  8. I really like this piece as I do tend to go for geometrics. Your colours zing and the whole design speaks to me. It is amazing where we get our inspiration from and this one was just perfect

  9. Time crunch will often bring on inspiration. I struggled with fraying also and found relief from my bottle of fray check. Love the accent of the lime stitching.