Friday, 19 April 2013

Piste cyclable en oeuvre

Heather Dubreuil, Villaggio Toscano

Michele posted about this project a few weeks ago, and now I'm happy to let you know about the official opening of the "Piste cyclable en oeuvre". Fifty-four artists of the region were chosen to make a piece that was then photographed and printed on a six-foot tall banner. These vinyl banners will be hung as kilometre markers all along the Soulanges bike path: fifty-four banners, back-to-back, and twenty-seven lamp posts.

Michele Meredith, Along the Path

About 100,000 visitors cycle, walk and roller-blade the path every year, and these banners will be installed for four years. The promoters say this is Canada's largest outdoor art display.

The original works of art will be displayed in different venues around the county all summer. The vernissage is on Friday, May 3, 6 - 10 p.m. at Pavillon Wilson, 48 rue Principale, Coteau-du-Lac, and you are invited! The gallery show continues until August 28.


  1. Thanks, Heather. What fun. This is such an honour to be included - congrats to the two of you.

    I presume they will be printing an image of your work onto some outdoor fabric for the banners? Will you get the originals back after the event?

    If you spot any newspaper coverage can you give us a link please?


    1. Yes, the original pieces are photographed and then the image is printed onto vinyl. Also, there will be some text printed along the bottom of each banner: artist's name, website and sponsor's name. I will post whatever newspaper coverage I can find, and pix of our work in situ. We're both hoping our original pieces sell over the summer, but otherwise we'll get them back after they have toured in various shows around the county.

  2. What a wonderful idea and congratulations on being included.

  3. I am so excited for both of you and so looking forward to seeing them in situ.

  4. WOW!! 4 years? 100,000 people per year? What incredible exposure, beauty and talent...heartfelt congratulations to both of you! Truly you both have "arrived"!!