Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Banners for the Soulanges Canal

Recently, both Heather and I were selected as artists to produce artwork that will
 be transformed into banners for the Soulanges Canal Bike Path in our region. There will be 54 artworks for the 27 posts along the path and a vernissage will be held on May 3rd near the canal to meet all the artists.
My original idea was to take pictures of  local barns in our area especially since some of the nicest ones now have recently been demolished but later chose a more spring like blue and yellow abstract done during my online class this winter with Elizabeth Barton.

 I found the class quite productive making one piece each week for the five weeks as well as trying to keep up with all the sketching and design homework. We have our local Hudson Artists Spring Show coming up so will be able to show some of these new pieces there.


  1. What striking pieces. My favourite has to be the three little pieces. How great will it be to see both yours pieces as 'banners' - congrats.

  2. Very colourful, Michele. What an honour to have your work selected.

  3. Strange, I wrote a comment yesterday and pressed publish, but it never appeared. Trying again. These pieces are amazing Michele, and I can't wait to see them blowing in the breeze along the canal this summer!

  4. each one so different. really beautiful michelle. you have really mastered the technique

  5. What an amazing honor to have your artwork turned into banners that can be seen and appreciated by those enjoying the out of doors! Your community really knows how to beautify what's already so beautiful!

  6. What a lovely fun idea - banners. How big do they have to be and do you provide the artwork and they produce weather-proof versions? or do you provide the real thing?

    I quite like the barns as it has a tinge of neon colour - but I also like the more subtle yellow piece as well. We could sure do with some of the warm sunny yellow colouring here at the moment!


  7. I love this idea, and the fact your work has been chosen. Wish I could cycle along the canal and see them.