Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Eggplant teaser

So, we're about halfway through the three months between the announcement of our next challenge and the challenge deadline. And I've finished the piece! In fact, I finished two pieces, but rejected the first one.

Working with the assigned colour of Eggplant, I realized just how dark it is, and looked to the internet for some strategies. I found this painting online. (Is that some kind of monster casting its shadow on the building? Whatever.) I decided to take a cue from its palette.

These are the hand-dyes that ended up on my cutting board.

Eggplant and mustard might not work together on the dinner plate, but I like their complementary nature.


  1. A good combination indeed. I am definitely struggling with that light absorbing depth of colour but you seem to have succeeded admitably.

  2. Your hand dyes remind me of a pack of fabric I bought from Heidi Stoll-Weber a number of years ago ... it was exactly the combo you have there. It was yummy and back in our blog archives is a pic of the piece/s I put together with it. This series is going to be a challenge without a 'subject matter'! It is a bit topsy turvy for me!

    1. Phil, can you direct us to this piece of yours? I would love to see it but don't know any shortcuts to search for it.

  3. Yes, I too was going through my fabrics looking for eggplant/aubergine and realised it is an incredibly deep, rich colour. I loved Linda B's suggestion of putting it with lime green but it is a colour that goes well with many contrasting colours.

    I have a couple of ideas going around in my head. I find is liberating and at the same time limiting to have no subject matter - good challenge.