Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A queue!

How interesting it is to see six posts all queued up for the 29th! Has everyone been able to resist taking a quick peep I wonder?

Linda B


  1. So exciting! I am reminded of a moment when our four children were little. We scheduled a weekend away and hired a nanny. Ron and I were both so desperate to get away (evidently) that we both tried to get through the door at the same time, and it was a pretty tight squeeze. The nanny thought this was hilarious.

    I hope our posts don't trip over each other in their haste to be published. We wouldn't want to crash the system.

  2. heather - i know you told linda how to do this but i cannot find that email and i need to put mine in line as well. please tell us again how to do this
    i LOVE your story!!

    1. You click on "new post" and then type in your text as usual. In the lower left is a box marked "post options" which allows you to enter a date and time of publication. Then you click on "publish post" and the status of your post should read "scheduled". Otherwise it will be labelled as "draft."

      You can check by clicking on the "Return to list of posts", bottom left.