Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Portrait after Vilhelm Lundstrøm's 'Seated Nude'

For my first piece with you all I chickened out and played safe. Lots of my quilts represent people, and especially faces, so I was glad to find Lundstrøm  had several for me to think about. He is an artist that was previously unknown to me, so I enjoyed finding out  little about his work, so thanks Mai-Britt!

I chose 'Seated Nude' as it is very different from my usual style - so thought it would be good to really examine the shapes and colours he used to created his figure.

'Seated Nude' Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1940)

I focused just on her face. Using the computer I played about with the colour of a cropped image - to understand better how Lundstrøm had created a face from such simple shapes. It was very informative.

Using leftover hand dyed fabrics from many different different projects I was able to gather together enough of the right values and hues to create the 'original' face.I drew the colour block shapes onto plain paper to create a pattern, then transferred this to fusible web. 

For the quilting, I decided to simply follow the contours of the shapes. And this is how she turned out. 

I can't say I love it, but it was an interesting exercise and it made me think! 

I've decided to make these pieces into a collection in their on right and mount them onto stretcher bars - be interesting to see how it all develops. 



  1. Great first piece, Claire. I know exactly what you mean about learning from looking and understanding about colours or compositions, etc. I love the end result and agree it would be a worthwhile project to produce all of the versions you made. Let us see the extras please?


  2. I love your piece & thanks for sharing the process. Excellent result. Great that you are thinking of taking this further. Please share with us when you do.

  3. This was my first inspiration piece too but I changed my mind. great job! I love it. it is interesting, how you pointed out, that a face can be made up of such simple lines.

  4. So lovely to see the design process, can't wait to see the whole series. Interesting to hear you say ypu don't love it, but will continue to pursue this line of work. Personaly I think it's a great piece of art.

  5. Thanks for telling us your process. I really like how you were thinking and the result you produced. It will be interesting to see the others when you do them!

  6. What an exercise you went through to analyse this face and then creating your textile piece so successfully based on your findings .I found Lundstrom's figures and faces wonderfully simplified and was tempted to try myself but changed my mind . I can see what fun it is so look forward to seeing future pieces from you using this method

  7. I wasn't very inspired by the portraits, so it is interesting to see how you have used one as inspiration. It makes me want to go back and look again and see what I have missed. The series sounds interesting.

  8. I was really interested in how your whole process evolved and made me think and perhaps try to hone in on a specific area of a painting and then making it your own. I loved seeing the process you went through to get to the end result and it worked so well. Well done and I can't wait to see what happens next!

  9. Really like this interpretation! Faces are hard...