Thursday, 30 November 2017


I apologize, but I haven't done my piece. 

My time has not been well budgetted and this is not good for a procrastinator.  And then a few things cropped up (broken tooth/crown being one of them) and I had no time to spare.  I am definitely involved in way too many things, but they all give me pleasure.  As does this group.  So I will attempt to get it done when things quiet down in a week or so.  My design is drawn, so now it's the fabric selection time and work. 

And I will definitely get the next one done pronto!! 

I look forward to seeing all yours. 


  1. Ah life!
    There are few of us who haven't been there before you Dianne, so take time to get back on track - the muse will get you in the end.

  2. I hope you are better and your crown has been fixed. "Stuff" happens and there is always time to catch up. I can't wait to see your piece.