Thursday, 30 November 2017

text messages 15: Escher - by Uta

I like Escher pictures, but 'transforming one of them into a quilt' is not my thing. So I decided to use his name, and the letters it is comprised of, as the inspiration for this challenge.
At first I chose a piece of hand-dyed linen that had been waiting for its turn, and had been a bit sad because of the brightness of its color contrast, red and yellow.
Then I marked squares and filled these with 'handwritten' versions of the ongiong name, in various orientations.

you need a good stabilizer to be able to put that kind of stitching onto the fabric...

These filled squares were then overlaid with large versions of the individual letters of the name ESCHER. Of course, the 'e' appears twice in the name, but that must not necessarily result in a doubling of  appearance on the piece. Along the way certain readjustments had to be made, because I mis-stitched, or made an unconscious decision that something about the plan had to be changed, who knows. In any case, the original plan looked slightly different, but only a little bit, really.

First an outline, that can then be filled.

Here you can see the almost finished piece as I am still debating its final orientation.

And this is the final orientation it has arrived at.
text messages 15: escher
In conclusion, it was more fun than doing the Klimt challenge, and I have given myself the liberty to interpret the challenge theme generously. I hope that meets with  approval, but I suppose it is open to the members how they decide to take up the challenge, and how to use it as inspiration.


  1. Love your piece, Uta. Yes, you can interpret the challenge in any way you like - it's always refreshing to see another point of view. Thanks for showing the process and I agree about needing stabilizer for thread painting/writing. I've learnt the hard way. Now we see where all those threads came from!


  2. This works for me Uta! I like that some of the large letters blend and some don't - helps keep the eye moving.
    And if we could have a discussion about what makes a good stabiliser that would be useful>

  3. Anything goes Uta and it's always a pleasure to see how people stretch themselves with the challenge. I like the way the letters and the colour keep me looking. The lettering in the background adds interest too. Love it.

  4. Very interesting approach and love the result. Thanks for sharing the journey.

  5. I think you "captured" the spirit of Escher very well indeed! Lots of "ESCHER" everywhere! Thank you for walking us through your process from concept to completion.

  6. I love the way you think Uta. Well done, I love the lettering and the whole concept.

  7. Uta I am always interested in background threadwork and think that what you did was such an excellent idea and then to use the larger letters in the foreground made for an intriguing take on Escher .

  8. Really original. I love the way that we come up with different interprétations of a theme. Thank you for the stage by stage description of your process. It's always interesting to see how something has been done and the thinking behind it.

  9. Wow Uta! Love your take on the challenge and your stage by stage description. It is such an interesting interpretation on the theme and I am always fascinated with the various ways we are inspired by the different artists and the way we all see different aspects of their work. I absolutely love the colours you used. Your piece of work is original and really innovative.

  10. I was looking forward to seeing how you responded to this Uta. I like how you have made the Escher challenge your own. You have carried on exploring your own work, but in a manner I think Escher would have enjoyed. It does hearken back to his tessellations with the turning of the letters. and also the changing of one thing to another with the small letters and large ones.
    Well done!
    Sandy in the UK