Thursday, 30 November 2017

Division of two planes

Oops - nearly forgot the date!

I had an idea, someone had done it, I had another idea, someone had done that, I had another idea .... etc.

So I did a bit more research based on Escher's work on planes, until I came up with a simple intersection that still has movement in it. Actually it had more movement than I intended, the red lines formed perfect curves before I quilted this piece and obviously distorted the base fabric.

Inspiration for this piece came from:
Sphere Surface with Fishes by M.C. Escher 1958

But the design was extracted from:

Sphere Circles

Whilst sourcing this image as a url I came across - which opens with a "today in history" random collection of artworks. it's good job I've chosen my artist - this site looks like a bottomless pit of art exploration!


  1. The red lines look fine to me. What a departure from what one normally thinks of as "Escher"! Beautiful to behold.

  2. This makes a lovely composition. I know just which piece you drew from!

    1. Good point Dianne. The piece has been finished for ages, well two days, but that feels like ages. In my rush to post it I forgot my source. I'll post that when I'm back at my PC.

  3. Lovely simple lines, but very impactful. Looks really good and very bold. Well done.

  4. Simplicity itself. But what a strong statement. Another triumph, Linda. Can you let me know what the inspiration was for the website please?


  5. Agree, great bold statement. Red lines complete it.

  6. The pieces which inspired you are a wonderful example of Escher's mathematical ability . For the likes of me who struggled with mathematics this ability is amazing . I liked the way you simplified a portion of his sphere and created a wonderful self contained piece .The red thread work ties it all together and adds that special spark of interest.

  7. I like the simplicity of the shapes and the colours.

  8. Taking a only a portion of a sphere, the contrast of black and white, quilting with opposing lines, and then highlighted by red lines really give your work an ultra modern feel! Well done!!