Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Hindertwasser teaser

Just thought I give you all a little taste of the wonderful fabrics I have been able to pull from my stash - hooray, wasn't that why I bought them (some many years ago!)?  I don't admit to doing any of my own dyeing; I have dabbled but not all that successfully so now I leave it to the pros and support their talents.

The red Phil might remember was bought in Dar es Salaam - that's the back.

Then there are some glorious two-colour gradation dyes from Frieda Anderson, some of Heide Stoll-Weber's wonderful hand dyes and then a couple of the shibori dyed pieces I did in a class with Jan Myers Newbury.

I am having fun!



  1. Love these and now I'm wondering why I've chosen to work with something less vibrant!

  2. It was the 'in your face' primary colours that made it so difficult for me to start. It has taken a long time to work out how to deal with them. I even thought of a mono chrome piece in protest at so much colour! H

  3. Looks yummy!! Can't wait to see your creation.