Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring Dreamers Series

Spring Dreamers I The photos used for this piece are from the east end of Montreal in Parc LaFontaine , a large space with many ponds and large trees to wander through in the warmth of a spring afternoon.

This is a piece just finished in time to be in our local spring exhibit of the Hudson Artists. The scenes are shots taken in Old Montreal . We are still in the earliest stages of spring and the slightest hint of colour will bring everyone out to dream a little of the warm days ahead. Happy Easter to all of you.


  1. The emotions and feelings you capture with these pieces is fantastic. Definately need to see them on a black background to appreciate and enjoy.

  2. So very dreamy and with that soft hint of pastel colour that comes with early Spring. How big are the pieces, Michele? Will you frame them or mount them on a canvas?


    1. These are 12x12 and 12x24 and are are both on gallery canvas so they can be framed or not. I do think maybe a sepia or dark charcoal would help frame them or maybe a matte silver.

  3. They look lovely. I hope I get to see them before they are sold!

  4. gorgeous michelle. love all the colors that are coming through