Saturday, 21 April 2012

Of Life and Dreams

Just finished with the helpful advice of my Text'art friends before returning to work for a while. Look forward to seeing all the fine new work in a few weeks.


  1. "Knocking back" the No Parking sign in the upper left corner, and the green signs in the upper right, has really helped the composition, Michele. You can always count on text'art for a thoughtful, no-holds-barred response.

    (Our group met on Wednesday and had a most enjoyable day visiting a museum show on The Colours of India, as well as a textile design school and show. We found time for a quick critique session in the parking lot.)

    Michele, I'm looking forward to seeing all your great new pieces hanging together at the Hudson show next weekend.

  2. Your piece really works now. The pieces of clock are excellent for keeping the eye moving around.

    I really like what you are doing with this series.

  3. the radial lines all over the piece (even through the no parking sign)- however incidental or not they may have been - makes this composition very cohesive.
    knocking back those bits that were distracting was indeed what it needed
    well done - enjoy the gardens

  4. It's lovely Michelle - wish I could see the entire series in person. Missing you all!

  5. Miss you too Linda! Hope the gardens are growing well!