Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hudson Artists show

Here's a photo of me with some of the pieces I showed at the local art show. I was pleased to sell two pieces this weekend, and both of them were originally made as challenges for this group: "Street Life: Quebec City" and "Steps: the Plateau". I'm going to have to get busy and make more things for upcoming shows. Yikes!

Here's Michele, standing in front of the seven collages she showed this weekend. Her beautiful, framed piece of skaters in the moonlight, top centre on the board, sold to an artist friend.

I'm glad I joined the local art group. I think it has introduced some of the community, including artists, to fibre as an art medium. It has given me an outlet to show my work locally, and a few other opportunities have come from it. The guest speakers have been interesting, and have included several mixed media artists. Other members have been good sources of recommendations for local framers and suppliers, etc. I would recommend that art quilters consider joining their local art group for these reasons.


  1. You both deserve your success at this show - well done! The work looks lovely.

  2. Well done both of you. So happy for your successes. Hilary