Monday, 30 July 2018

Hello All,
Some of you may remember that I held a mini exhibition at our local group's show early in May . I printed out all our work on cards  (which our local printer did so well) and then displayed my own pieces underneath. The New Zealand National Symposium is being held here in Auckland in October 2019 and I have been approached by the lady on the committee in charge of exhibitions to say that they are considering it as one of the exhibitions at Symposium. She suggested that it be hung in a similar way to the previous occasion but thought that it would be fun to have an actual piece from each of us members of the blog hanging there instead of just my pieces . Obviously I would need permission from anyone interested in doing this . I would need to select one piece for each artist and those of you who are willing would have to take responsibility for insurance and postage to and from New Zealand . I would be willing to be the co-ordinator .
So what do you all think ? Would love to have feedback . If anyone is opposed I can certainly exclude that person . I just need to know so that I can give the information to the Exhibitions Co-ordinator.


  1. This sounds like a fun idea. I'm in, so long as the cost isn't prohibitive.

  2. This sounds like a great idea and opportunity, thank you! I would love to join in.

  3. I’m in too, but not all my pieces are available. But we’ll see what you choose!