Friday, 1 June 2018

Line Series

I loved the choice of Wilhlemina - so many different avenues to explore.
I finally settled on her very simple exploration of line.

 These are from her Line series. I love the feeling of movement she portrays with just simple lines.

I thought I would use the same idea to draw another portrait. Could this be a recurring theme???

I stitched the lines with thick black thread then added more to the background. Dilute acrylic paint and Markal oilstick were used to add soft colour. I am most pleased with his ear!

'Old Man' 16" x 16" Stitched monoprint on fabric by Claire Passmore

I am absolutely loving being in this group. I have tried so many times to post comments about the posts everyone adds, but I have no idea where they end up as they never seem to show on the blog postings. I will try again this month and see if I can get anything to 'stick'!



  1. Fantastic Claire. I love the way the lined background is interlinked with the old man's lines. Love it.

  2. I love the subtle variation of colour that you've added to this portrait.

    As for leaving comments I sometimes have to scroll down the page to see the Publish button - could this be your problem?

  3. Very clever Claire and great to see how your piece evolved. You have used the lines in your piece to great effect. A really clever and different take on our artist's lines.

  4. Who is the gentleman in the portrait? Well done reducing it to simple lines. I like the subtle addition of colour. I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the Charlevoix region of Quebec and for some reason, these last artworks did not appear on my ipad, but have happily found them on my computer at home!

  5. Wow Claire! This is stunning. I love your use of lines and how the quilting reflects the lines in the portrait. Is this someone you know?

    I can't leave comments or post using my ipad - is that how you are trying to post?

  6. I like the way that you have used the inspiration and given it a twist with a portrait.

  7. Claire, we're pleased to have you. Thanks for sharing the process. The end result is superb. You must be very pleased. Love the muted tones. H

  8. I too love being part of this blog group Claire . I find it fascinating how differently everybody interprets a particular artist or a piece of work by that artist. Your line interpretation of WB-G's linework is one such an example. Did you use a 12w thread for the threadwork as the lines are so well defined -a great effect.