Thursday, 21 September 2017


  I went the other day to the Forney Library, which is a specialized art Library in Paris, and quite by chance found a copy of Jinny Beyer's  "Designing tessellations: the secrets of interlocking patterns", which I was able to borrow.  She explains the symmetry of them and how to make them. There is a section on Escher's complex designs and she shows how she thinks he developed some of them. It could be useful: I'm trying not to be at the last minute!


  1. The book sounds very interesting. Hope it does not confuse you too much.

  2. Yes, it does seem rather complicated!

  3. Long, long ago I did a 'tessellation' class with Susan Denton. She often used this in her skies. I am not much inspired yet - I know what I would like to do but not sure how to make it work... Good luck with the book. H