Tuesday, 24 November 2015


These are the completed Buzz Art Blocks. No fabric. Just paint/ mouldingpaste & lutradur. I repainted each block its main colour and then sprayed thru lace curtaining.  I used bird templates made from 4 layers of freezer paper ironed together and filled with moulding paste.  The flowers are painted lutradur and are nailed on. Behind the flowers I did fray out some string to give a vine effect and the nails in the flowers are covered with painted felt 'pebbles'.  Not very original but thought I would stick with what I new for my first attempt and am fairly happy.  As you go along you work out what you should or could have done different .... but that is part of the learning curve.

p.s. my challenge is finished as well!


  1. So many intriguing techniques to make these enchanting little pieces. I especially like the patterning produced by spraying through the lace curtaining.

  2. I love these, especially the colours you've used. Now back to the challenge.

  3. Oh WOW! You must be thrilled to pieces. Great choice of colours as they sing out. That piece of lace is proving to be a real gift.
    Annoying that we all find things which we could have done better/differently as we work - but isn't that where working in a series comes into its own?!
    PS Hope they sell.

  4. They are quite delightful. And yes, the lace provides a really nice background filler.