Friday, 25 September 2015

New improved marsala

   I have added copper markal paintstik between the quilted lines on the black and I think it looks much better and far more cohesive, though there is still too much black. When I first made it, I tried to get around the problem of the piece of printed fabric being to small by photocopying it, cutting the copies in various ways and placing it on black paper to see what it would look like, but I could not find a way to do it without the quilt being smaller than it had to be. However it was a first try with my stencil and I am not  intending to leave it there and will definitely play around with it more. Up to now I have a small stash of fabrics that I have printed, plus some samples and several small pieces like this, but I think I need to start working on a larger scale to be able to make anything of it. In case you have not seen it the site gives a good brief introduction and has some lovely photos. I tried to give the link to the English page on Gavrinis, but it would not let me, so just change the language to English at the bottom of the page, and look at the page 'Megalisme in Morbihan' to find the information about Gavrinis. The other sites are fascinating too. I first became interested in the carvings twenty years ago when we were on holiday in the area, having seen photos of them. However I didn't get to see the real thing until three years ago, when we went on a trip to the island. The carvings were fantastic, but I was a little disappointed as we only got see them by the light of a single torch, so they weren't quite as amazing as they appear in the photos when they are so well lit!

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  1. Jinnie, I agree with you that it is much better. It's funny how sometimes black can recede and give the impression of a 'black hole' and at other times be very dominant.

    I looked at the link to the site and am blown away like you with the wonderful carvings. There is so much here for you to develop - all those concentric lines and curves and shapes. It's a veritable treasure trove of inspiration. I hope you find time to explore this area.

    Nice one,