Monday, 7 September 2015

Marsala and me ...

I'm sorry for the late arrival. I cannot explain my decision to stitch this so intensively, there was no artistic motive it was just a one of those thoughts that came from nowhere. The glass rings are paint - I'm a lot more careful with my wine than this!
Hilary, our PC died this morning so the photo is an iPad shot - I'll mail you a better image once our PC has been to see his doctor.

Now I can go and see what everyone else has done, I've been holding off as my reward for finishing.


  1. I like this piece a lot, Linda. The proportion of the two sections, the contrast of dark-on-light and light-on-dark, the contrast of quilting and line. Perfect in its simplicity.

  2. I agree. Very calming and peaceful.

  3. Stunning. I love it! Wine flowing and a few stains from the obligatory tasting! Such a clever idea. Well worth the wait.
    Oh dear, a dead PC. Are you going to replace with a PC or go the Apple route?


  4. I really like this too. Nicely balanced with circles and wavy lines and good proportion.

  5. great design; great quilting - the two colors work well together