Saturday, 27 June 2015

Watch me create a piece for SAQA on Youtube!

I donated as 12 x 12 piece for the SAQA online auction coming up in September. New this year, we were invited to send in photos of our process, which were then made into a video. The video was just posted on Youtube and here is the link to watch it.
You can also watch lots of other people creating their work. What a great idea!
This is a photo of the piece, called Resilience.


  1. Just had an opportunity to watch the video, Helena, and am fascinated. Do you just have the backing fabric or do you add a layer in between the top and backing? Do you then cut all the layers trim with the top layer? It was interesting to see how your mind worked in creating and adding your own stamped fabrics to add special areas.


  2. I started with felt, then added a layer of Misty Fuse, then added all the small pieces, then fused it, then covered it with tulle, then quilted it, then cut the edges. It doesn't show all that well in the video.