Saturday, 2 May 2015

Colour Compositions in Silk
 This series that I call Fields of Gold has come about by wanting to work with materials already in my studio and using my embellisher to make colour texture blends to continue to learn about composition. They are becoming more abstract  over time and are somewhat like saturated google earth snippits.
As the needles are blending the first layer down another one emerges from underneath which is a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch happening . This occurs when the underlying colour in the thread emerges and it will continue to blend on the surface creating a tapestry like effect.

At a recent painting demo the artist told us to  use 5 key words to describe a concept for a piece before starting and to retain them through to the completion of a project. I found it can be a good way to clarify intention.
I will be in the process of moving my studio soon and so was prompted to finally work with a beautiful selection of silks that my good friend ( and yours) Heather had passed my way, some time ago upon her switch to using only hand dyes in her work. Thank you Heather!


  1. Gorgeous Michele! Love the vibrancy.

  2. I have seen how these look when matted, and they are really impressive. I hope you don't run out of silk any time soon, Michele, as there will be a good market for this work at the upcoming Hudson shows.

  3. They really do look like aerial photos of fields. They jump off the screen!

  4. Tulip fields!! They are looking good Michele.
    From the Netherlands..