Saturday, 3 January 2015

A cautionary tale

Godward, The Mirror, 1899

Yes, I have completed my Sand challenge, due at the end of February.

A reminder: Sand is a very light colour, and it can function as a sheer when it is placed over darker cloth. So, for those of you more fastidious than I, you might want to "face" that paler cotton if it overlaps a dark shape, whether you use fusible appliqué or stitched appliqué.

And no, that's not me. In January, Canadians wear flannel to bed.


  1. Well said Heather! My chuckle for the evening!

  2. I shall always remember you thus ...

  3. Very diaphanous! You've spoilt the image now. Yes, Winceyette rules winter bed fashion over here too.

    Meanwhile, well done you getting your 'sand' piece done - and thanks for the heads-up on the colour being see through over dark colours.

    Hilary G

  4. See what you mean about see-through colours! Well done on having finished your sand piece. I've just realised I've got to do mine in the next 2 weeks as Mick and I go to New Zealand on the 19th Jan, and we're not back until the 9th April! AT lease I have an idea of what I want to do, and it's a try out for a larger project as well which is useful.

    1. Ooo, Linda. What a wonderful trip to look forward to. Have a safe journey and bring back lots of visual memories to play with.