Saturday, 20 September 2014

SAQA auction piece sold!

Brooklyn #5, Heather Dubreuil

Thank you for your good wishes, Hilary, included in your recent post. Thought I would post an image just to clarify the context.

This 12" x 12" piece was donated to the annual SAQA fund-raising auction. It was one of about 100 that went up on the SAQA site on Monday. Bidding opened at $750 and I was thrilled that a buyer chose my piece within the first few minutes.

Nysha Nelson of Tennessee has bought my work before, and I have met him at the two most recent SAQA conferences.

Fire and Ice, Helena Scheffer

Helena's gorgeous Fire and Ice will be up for auction when the second lot opens for bidding, beginning on Monday, September 22.


  1. I guess he is a serious collector, Heather, as I see he has bought more than one piece - and no doubt will buy more in the coming rounds. Nice that you have met him and know where your piece is going.

    Best of luck, Helena.


  2. Many congratulations Heather. It is a lovely piece and he is lucky to own it.