Saturday, 20 September 2014

Finishing off things

Finally got time to finish the bits I said I would on a couple of pieces.  Feels good to be getting on top of things at last!

Grey: Caitlyn

Apricot:  Apricots in a Bowl

Also, congratulations to Heather on selling her SAQA piece so early on.  Well done, Heather.



  1. I see that you have added stems to your fruit, and that you have added more stitching to Caitlyn's hair. Any other changes?

    Yes, it does feel good to add some finishing touches to an unfinished piece. Much better than adding something too quickly that you regret once it's done!

  2. I added feint pink blusher around her eyes - it was part of her original face paint. It all had to be subtle so as not to overpower the grey. Hilary

  3. Nice touches of finish. I like them both Hilary.