Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Grey Teaser

I have just spent a weekend learning paper lamination with Christine Chester.  We were mostly using Liquitex matt medium on sheer and solid fabrics but also had a go with white gesso.  I didn't have a very good start as the iron we were using blew its thermostat and I melted my first sheer piece...  The other problem is not knowing what to take to these workshops and although I go to learn a technique it does help to have a few things that are appropriate to achieve the idea behind the technique.

However, I have come home with a piece that is lending itself perfectly to our next challenge.

This was supposed to be me transferring an image onto solid fabric using a dry-brush style layer of medium.  None of us achieved it really and we have all resolved to get a thermofax made so that we can 'guarantee' the effect whenever we want it!

Watch this space...



  1. I love the effects you have created, whether intentional or not. Could prove to be an inspiring background for your challenge piece, if not the entire composition.

  2. Intriguing Hilary. Look forward to seeing how it turns out. It seems that the technique was useful for the topic of memory loss in Christine Chester's current work. I am sure there are many possibilities for interpretation here. Have fun.

  3. This technique is always a challenge for those trying it out. For success I think you have to work on it for quite a while trying all options. I agree, thermofax is the answer or photo transfer depending on the result you are looking for.

  4. You must have had fun just getting to the stage of producing that piece. I look forward to seeing more work along that line.