Monday, 2 September 2013

Blowing my own trumpet

I put something about this on my own blog and Heather suggested that I share it here - which didn't occur to me. I seem to lack the necessary embouchure <G>

A piece that some of you may have seen at FOQ - Transitions:

has gone on to pick up the award for 'use of Colour' at the Harrogate Quilt show this last weekend. Last year I joined with several others to create a group with the intent of exhibiting our work, and this was round one.  We have been meeting together for a year but generally work on our own, nor can everyone make every meeting, so progress is steady but slow.


  1. Beautiful! How big is this piece?

  2. Gorgeous Linda! Tell us more About it please!

  3. Beautiful colour transitions, Linda!

  4. It's lovely - saw it at the show in the UK. Well done!

  5. Congratulations! It is a stunner!

  6. It's 64" x 48" (160 x 120 cm)and was made as a first piece for a new group that we are beginning. We are all working to the theme transitions and decided that our first piece should be the same size and a variation of a 4 x 3 grid, though most of us ended up with four panels.

    I found the transitions theme difficult so went for a literal take on the title. As I usually work with saturated colour I often have difficulty extending into the truly dark end of the range, so I worked hard on this and succeeded to the point that without focused lighting the overall piece is darker than I was aiming for. But it was a good learning experience for me.

    I class myself as a contemporary rather than an art quilter - my work is usually influenced by pattern and colour, but the group wanted to enter these pieces into the Art quilt section at FOQ. I felt duty bound to write something arty for my statement and the act of doing so has triggered ideas for several more transition pieces based on the stages we go through as we age. We often talk about children going through stages but as I've got older I can look back and see that those stages don't end in childhood!