Sunday, 1 September 2013


 Most of the time I "over think" what I want to create for these challenges. When "Green" was announced, I went into my stash and realized that I did not have much green fabric, so I started collecting green fabric. Then I thought that I would do another felted piece and realized that I did not have enough green fibers, so I started collecting a variety of green fibers. As the deadline began to loom, I looked at all of my new green fabrics and my new green fibers but I wasn't inspired. I dug deep into my stash and found this piece of fabric that I over dyed years ago. BINGO!! I had dyed it green with streaks of blue onto commercial fabric that had black dots that gave the impression of flowers and leaves. I could see the leaves in all different colors of green on this wonderful background of green.

As a result, this is a whole cloth quilt. I outlined with black thread around the flowers and the leaves. I thread painted most of the leaves with a variety of threads. The flowers and a few of the leaves are painted with Fabrico pens.

This is the back of the quilt to show the leaves that are thread painted.

Lessons learned from this Challenge:
1. Don't over think...just do it
2. Shopping doesn't always solve the problem
3. Wine helps


  1. This piece is fresh and vibrant and your lessons learned ring true for me - even if I discounted #3, which I shan't!

  2. Very cleverly reworked piece. I agree ... we over complicate our thoughts .... something I am really trying hard not to do. Thanks for showing the back ... a two-sided piece.

  3. Like Linda F's piece, it's the simplicity and clarity of line that shines through. We are so often desperate to complicate things - well, I am. I definitely think the wine did it's magic!


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  5. Really lovely, Venetta. Did you take the design from a piece of printed fabric? I see some "repeats" in the flowers. I like the way the interest extends to the margins of the piece.

    1. It was a piece of Makower fabric that I had over dyed in a class with Helen Deighan in 2003. Knew that I would use it someday!

  6. Such a pleasing result in the colour choices and use of blurred striping that adds a sense of depth.I love the way you use your large elements and how the medium values created by the dots keep the eye moving and intrigued. Very enjoyable!!

  7. Michele has said it for me. I too like the streaks from the dyeing and the dots add depth to the flowers. Nice balance in design.

  8. Excellent. Love the fact that you collected all that green, then didn't use it - I've just tidied away my stash of unused green bits. Particularly like the way you've made the black dotted areas into flowers. I think you won the bingo jackpot.

  9. Love it, Venetta! Great thread painting, thanks for showing the back!