Thursday, 1 December 2011

Addendum to Street Life

Wanted to share these images with you, collages done by Claudette Castonguay. I bought these in the form of gift cards at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Montreal, some years ago. If you study them closely, you can see that she has blocked in the major shapes with paint, and then added tiny photos of windows, doors, Persian carpets, etc. often repeating a single image. She has also introduced whimsical drawings of chairs, bikes, etc. as well as printed material: sheet music, menus etc. I find them very lively and very beautiful.

They are titled "Madrigali", "La Ruelle" and "Allegrossimo"


  1. i love these images heather. they have integrated the printed material very well into the painting. i find these 2 pieces very inspiring and understand why you did as well

  2. I especially like the bicycles in the bottom piece.

  3. Fabulous pieces. I agree with Pamela, great mix of mediums.