Saturday, 21 April 2018

Results in exhibition

Last week I spent four long and interesting days at the Biennale International d'Art Textile in France, presenting a small show of my series 'text messages'. As two of the pieces I have made for the challenges in this group belong in this series, they, too, were included in the exhibition. And they made a very nice pair:

top: text messages 16,
below: text messages 15
Thank you to the group for the inspirations for these pieces. I am looking forward to working on other challenges when the art symposium is over in May and I can think of other things again.

Here is a view of some more of the exhibition:


  1. I'm glad that you are happy with the pieces you made in our group and they look great in the exhibition. I have a lot of trouble incorporating words and letters in my work so I enjoy seeing how you use them.

  2. What a great honour and opportunity to showcase your work, Uta! Congratulations, it looks great!

  3. Oh dear, I am way behind and am catching up with recent postings.

    Uta, I am thrilled for you to be able to exhibit your work en masse. I know that the Biennale is highly respected.

    For some reason Blogger only allows 10 people to be on an automatic list of sending out notices of new postings - Linda B and I have to remember to log on to see if there have been any.