Wednesday, 14 October 2015


During our National Quilt Festival which was held in July this year we had an incident and one of the husbands of one of our quilters went beyond the call of duty to assist. With this in mind the committee wanted to recognise and show appreciation for this act and asked that I make a 'Quilters Star' award.  I was asked to use a 4" square artists canvas and I had carte blanche!  Being caught in the moment I said yes!   

After much mulling around and going no where, I decided to work on two and they could take it from there.  They also were under no obligation to accept either.

These are the results.....

Ultimately I had great fun and have been inspired to do a small series (different theme) working on a slightly larger artists canvas. 4" is really very small but quirky.

Needless to say I have not started, however, I have just received an open request from one of our local galleries calling for 'local artists' to take part in their annual 'Buzz Art' exhibition.  You buy a canvas (or 2 or more) from them for a nominal fee, use any medium to create your piece of art and it goes on show and you may put it up for purchase if interested.

Closing date 17th November ...... so watch this space!


  1. I find that's often the way, Phil. Say "yes" to one opportunity and another soon presents itself. And I love to see fibre included in shows that are more typically directed to painters. It opens the viewers' minds to the possibilities of the medium.

  2. Heather took the words right out of mouth. It looks as though you had fun with these little pieces - long may it continue!

  3. Lovely to see them again, Phil, and I like them both but still prefer the asymmetric one. You have managed to include so much into such a confined space. Both worthy awards for that wonderful man - I wonder which one the committee will choose?

    How exciting that this has lead to a new line of work. What size are the Buzz Art canvasses? Not long to worry about what you are going to do - as you say, we are watching this space!


  4. They are lovely Phil. Lucky fellow!