Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fun and Games in Durban

With some special time together with Phillida and the pressure of getting some Marsala coloured fabric, here are some pictures of our 'fun and games'.  We think we have cracked it although we did produce some 'interesting' variations along the way.  Best practice: we never let a bit of left-over dye go to waste - hence some obviously non-Marsala bits of fabric!

Notice how organised we were to start with - formulas written out!
First batch out in the sun

Soda being added

Not quite right - back to drawing board

Maybe?  Better?  We'll see when they're dry and ironed...

Almost there. Looking more promising.

Some of the variations and play pieces

We feel we have got the full range of Marsala - yippee!
Some of the lovely extras we finished up with - nothing wasted!
All that remains now is to make something stunning with all this yummy fabric...

Hilary and Phillida


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. Now to see what you do with it!

  2. You have some lovely colours to play with. I look forward to seeing the results. Mine is still just an idea in my head and several jars of the discontinued fabric paint that I've been hoarding for my Gavrinis project!

  3. Great results, and obviously a good holiday! I've tried using some commercial fabrics, but am not very pleased with results. I had in my mind that the deadline was end of July, but now I reckon it is end of August. Anyone like to confirm the latter.