Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Heather featured in SAQA weekly email blast

Congratulations to Heather whose piece, Brooklyn #5, is featured on SAQA's Weekly  Email Blast to members this week as one of the 2014 fundraising auction pieces.
2014 Benefit Auction - Call for Entries

She is in very good company!!!!!


  1. Nice one, Heather. And yes, 'good company' was what struck me too.


  2. I feel like I'm hanging on the skirts of royalty here. Well deserved Heather, and thanks for the link Helena. I've let my SAQA membership lapse our own CQ does for me what SAQA does in N. America.

  3. I think my work gets chosen for these things because it has a simple, graphic quality that shows up well on the screen. There is better work out there but it might not "read" as well when reduced to thumbnail size.

  4. Whatever the reason - fabulous and well done!

  5. I still think the organisers of FOQ should get you over here teaching! Well done.