Saturday, 14 December 2013


I was doing a much needed clean up and tidy up of my 'studio' and came across this piece of fabric I acquired quite a few years ago and voila!

..... I have finished my next challenge, I think.!   It is very much in the spirit of the season at the moment so may still do another for the finale.  This one was fun but I would like to put more effort into another so this may not be it.


  1. It's lovely, Phil, but from the photo I don't understand exactly what you have done to the fabric. Is there stenciling with paint? Stitching? Please explain!

    1. I have done absolutely nothing to what I have shown you. This is the fabric (by Loni Rossi) and is the base cloth. I have not shown you what I have done with it in case I do use it.

    2. It's yummy, Phil. BTW, I too have finished my RED challenge. I was working on a SAQA donation piece for their 25th Anniversary Trunk Show, 10" x 7",and went from there....