Friday, 25 October 2013

Late contribution to the - May 31st 2013 deadline - colour challenge - EGGPLANT!

‘Miniature chupah.’
In this new series using ‘color’ as a subject, I was the one to choose the first color.
I chose ‘eggplant.’
A few weeks later, our daughter became engaged and she chose eggplant as the color scheme for her wedding. 
I made the chupah (bridal canopy) .  I used their monogram which is the Hebrew letter F (Fried is our son in law’s last name) with both of their names in Hebrew within the F.
This is a miniature of the actual chupah. 
Big apologies for the lengthy delay.  
Now onto green............


  1. Well done, Pam. I like your quilting.

  2. This will resonate for years to come with memories of a happy event.

  3. So gorgeous and such a precious memory! How did you get the initials into the F?

  4. Very nice, and a wonderful memory of a special day.

  5. I also love the quilting of hearts. This is an exclamation of LOVE all around

  6. The simplicity of the letter shape and the rich intense colour of the fabric are its success, Pamela. The quilting is the icing on the top.