Thursday, 31 October 2013

Advice from PRO Chemical & Dye

Vicki Jensen, Lab Manager at PRO Chemical & Dye, has suggested the MX 810 Blue Violet dyed at a 0.25% depth of shade. She added, "If that is too dark, try a 0.1% depth of shade."

You can see my gradation using MX 810 Blue Violet below.  I guess it's just impossible to capture the luminosity of that bloom in cotton!

Blue-violet, standard strength


  1. Luminosity is sometimes found by adding a drop of white - not possible in dyeing so I guess Vicki's advise to thin out the strength and allow the white cotton to shine more is correct.

    The other thing is that everyone's monitor is different so I am still seeing aubergine and not the beautiful blue side of Linda's flower. Ha, it's so easy to pass comment on other people's colours - have I got anything sorted? NO.

    I hope Helena finds something in Houston.



  2. hi everyone,
    I am standing in line at the
    Hilton to check out at this moment. just saw the message that you want me to find something here. I don't know if
    I will have time but will try.
    in my dye class with Ann
    Johnston the other day she made periwinkle with boysenberry mixed with lots of drops of other colours, but it looked easy. She uses liquid dye concentrate and plays around.
    I will see what
    I can find. checking out!

    1. Ooh, lucky you, Helena. Looking forward to hearing all about the dyeing class.