Thursday, 22 March 2012

Companion Piece to "Steps: The Plateau"

I have taken another of my photos of steps in the Plateau to produce a companion piece to my Steps challenge. Here is the photo I started with:

and here is the 12" x 12" I have made from it:
Again, I used hand-dyed cotton and heavy black thread for the line drawing. Both are mounted on a gallery canvas, painted black, and will be shown at the upcoming Hudson Artists show. I have got into the bad habit of committing pieces-not-yet-made to the show, so it can be a bit of a scramble.


  1. This is a very nice piece, Heather. Once again you've weeded out the stuff that's not needed and shown the essence.

  2. I agree - you've got the emotion of the scene without cluttering it. Really nice.

  3. I just love the simplicity and the subject...could be anywhere in the world.

  4. It will so great to see these all hanging together at the show. Nice Heather! I will be getting on to make that last yet-to-be-made too!

  5. The success of your pieces is your knowing how much to include and how much to leave out. Utterly charming.

    Anybody who doesn't admit to being confident about how many pieces to commit or that will be ready for a show and then finding themselves rushing at the end is kidding themselves. We've all been there and got the T-shirt! There's nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.