Monday, 19 September 2011


My time in Canada is fast coming to an end - I have less than 2 weeks left. Last night I was honoured to be entertained to dinner by the other members of our Text'Art group, and given the small quiltlets you can see here. Each is just 4 inches square, and they are an exquisite set of jewels! I'm not sure the photo does them justice.

I've also just finished my last pieces of work here in Canada - 2 small 5 x 7 inch pieces for the
Wildcard challenge. They will be sold to help raise money for Le Nichor Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre.


  1. How special are those pieces you were given! Good luck with the move and your Wildcard pieces are delightful.

  2. I think the Wildcards are beautifully composed, and I can't wait to see them up close so I can appreciate the stitching and fabric.

  3. Also can not wait to see these Linda.The textures really come alive with the stitching! I bet you had second thoughts about parting with them at all once they were finished. I love the little ripple of water. It gives a sense of magic in the moment just for us.

  4. Aren't you a lucky bunny, Linda. What a lovely way to remember your friends in Montreal.

    Your wild cards are beautiful - I bet they sell straight away!