Friday, 26 August 2016

So long and hello again

'So long' to Heather who has been with us on this 7 year journey from the beginning.  You have contributed so much to the group with your work but also your insightful comments.  Thank you, Heather.  I am sure the others all join me in wishing you much success as you forge a new direction in your art.  Please stay in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

A message from Heather:
Since joining 12 by the dozen, a few months after the group began, I have been inspired by the challenges we have set for ourselves, and warmed by the friendships we have forged. My most recent series, almost five years running, began as a response to the challenges in our first set, including “Street Life”, “Steps” and “Fine Living”. At this point I would like to focus on finding a new path and a new series, and I need to give this my whole attention. Of course I will continue to follow the merry adventures of 12 by the dozen on the blog. Thanks to all of you for your always-kind encouragement and support. Having the chance to get to know each one of you, whether on-line or at our wonderful get-togethers, has meant a great deal to me. 

And 'Hello again' to Venetta.  Welcome back Venetta.  It is lovely to have you back and in such good health.  I see Linda F has posted her chosen artist so you will be able to jump right in with Charles Sheeler (must go and do some research as I haven't heard of him either).

For those of our group who are newish, Venetta was one of the founder members but left to recuperate after health problems and Venetta, you will see we have a few new members as well but you won't have met Patricia (Joburg, South Africa) and Rosemary her sister in New Zealand, Michele in Montreal and Jinnie who lives in Paris. 

So now I will have to go into the website and up the statistics again!



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